Unfortunately, some time on the fateful night of March 2nd, 2024 the motherboard on my trusty webserver died. I have a spare server and all of my data is backed up, however, due to my current personal circumstances I do not have the time to reconfigure another instance of my custom web server, NGINX, firewall and other utilites I run. Instead, I opted to temporarily bring up this web page in it's place so (mainly colleges) can still see it. Other than this message (and a few other things) this page is left untouched and the links on the page (sans the college one) now lead to the WayBack machine's archive from March 1st. Although this is no substitute for the original page, it hopefully gives a good idea of what it was like. The original should make a return in April or May 2024. Sorry.

Back to your regularly scheduled programming:


A wise man once said, "You cannot integrate if you do not know how to derive."

Hello and welcome to my website. It serves mainly as a catalog for the different things that I do. I tried to keep the interface simple and usable. Check projects for a list of the projects I have completed, posts for blog-like posts, links for links to other sites I like, kernel for a list of Linux kernel contributions and about for a bunch of rambling about myself. I also have a status in the box to the right as well as some updates under it. Have fun!


Feel free to look around here, but if you have come in search of my projects please check out first. It has more detailed and concise summaries that are much closer to what you are probably looking for. Thanks!


  • Fri Mar 2 ??:??:?? UTC 2024 - The motherboard on my server mysteriously died, taking down the webpage.
  • Wed Jan 3 03:18:34 UTC 2024 - More college stuff added
  • Wed Nov 1 01:51:56 UTC 2023 - Finished updating the website for college applications.
  • Tue Jan 24 04:06:48 UTC 2023 - Finished the radar post
  • Mon Jan 16 16:14:31 UTC 2023 - Made minor changes and added YouTube channels to links
  • Mon Jan 16 06:30:21 UTC 2023 - Added the blog post and projects entry about my radar system
  • Fri Dec 30 16:05:45 UTC 2022 - Deleted the "Laptop Archive" page
  • Tue Dec 27 17:51:31 UTC 2022 - Reduced the information on the about page and split it into three pages, two of which on the "posts" page.
  • Tue Dec 27 04:31:23 UTC 2022 - Added status and updates fields as well as updating the visuals on the rest of the site.